Forms & Documents

Document Description
Club Registration Form Fill out, print, sign and mail to regional HQ with annual ISKF Club registration dues by January 21st of each year.
New Member Form Keep copies on hand for new members to fill in when joining. Print double-sided: member information is on one side; testing history is on the other.
Dan Registration Form Fill out, print and sign before any Dan examination and submit to your instructor or to the examiner along with two passport-sized photos and your ISKF passport. Note: if an event-specific form is provided, use that one instead (e.g. Nationals program).
Instructor Trainee Program Application When invited by the regional director to join the Instructor Trainee program, fill out, print and sign this form. Send the form along with a passport-sized photo and the initiation and annual fees to Regional HQ.
Kyu Certificate Template
(Pre-2017 Certificates)
Use at own risk. This template can be used to print information on current ISKF Kyu Certificates. The image of the certificate is shown to aid data entry but does not print. Please test on a blank sheet of paper before risking your certificates as different printers may have slight variations!
(Note: This template is for certificates printed prior to 2017. If the certificate is signed by Sensei Hiroyoshi Okazaki, do not use this template!)
ISKF Tournament Rules and Regulations Link to current version of tournament rule book on ISKF website.
Northwest Region Price List Updated prices for ISKF cards and other supplies and fees in the Northwest Region.
Instructor Code of Conduct Policy detailing acceptable and unacceptable behavior of instructors toward students.